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Make a DIY advent calendar with retro fotos
November 02 | 2021

Make a DIY advent calendar with photos of Iceland

Not in the mood for chocolate in the advent calendar? This DIY copy 'sweetens' the Advent season completely calorie-free with little visual delicacies »

Digitaler Adventskalender 2021 Island Retro Polaroid Fotos
November 02 | 2021

Digital advent calendar

Be surprised which snapshots from Reykjavík are hidden behind the doors. It traditionally will start on December 1st, 2021. »


December 28 | 2019

Seltún - hotspot between the tectonic plates

When you arrive in Keflavík, only a few can imagine the impressive landscape hidden in this area. The Krýsuvík volcanic system is located in the middle of the fractured edge of the tectonic plates »

Eine Tour durch das Hafengebiet in Reykjavik
December 02 | 2019

Grandi, the old harbor district in the heart of Reykjavík

The former industrial area has become one of the hippest areas of Reykjavik in recent years. With small shops, Musseen and some of the best restaurants lures »

iceland LAVA Volcano & Earthquake Center
October 31 | 2019

LAVA Volcano & Earthquake Center

Suitable for Halloween a post about the scary, beautiful LAVA Volcano & Earthquake Center in the south of Iceland. »

island reykjavik perlan
October 08 | 2019

Perlan: Icelandic wonders to touch and feel

Visible from a distance Perlan perches on the Öskjuhlíð hill in Reykjavík. With several attractions it is an ideal destination, especially on rainy days »

Icelandic recipes

March 14 | 2021

Homemade Pollock fish cakes

Homemade fish cakes are a quick and easy meal. Not only are they perfect for burgers but they also go well with...they also go well with vegetables ... »

Skyr-Strawberry-Sponge-Cake recipe
January 19 | 2021

A fruity, creamy recipe

This rustic Strawberry-Sponge-Cake with fresh garden strawberries is a true summer dream. Made quickly, it is a pleasure at any time of the day »

January 18 | 2021

Skúffukaka. A dream in chocolate

When the chocolate icing meets the still hot cake, the scent of freshly baked goods is combined with an intense chocolate aroma and permeates all rooms »

December 25 | 2019

Jólakötturinn - The Icelandic Christmas cat

Jólakötturinn, the Christmas cat, is the pet of the witch Gryla and her 13 sons, the Jólasveinar. And as befits a witch, this is a different kind of cat. Big, »

zimtschnecken backen
November 24 | 2019

Cinnamon rolls
The perfect way to start a day

Wonderfully airy, interspersed with a fine cinnamon caramel flavor - cinnamon rolls, fresh from the oven are »

Skyr cookies xmas baking
October 13 | 2019

Skyr biscuits: A treat in any season

Skyr belongs to Iceland like popcorn to a movie visit. Not only in its pure form, it is extremely delicious, but also as an ingredient for these delicious biscuits it comes out well »

Experience Iceland

January 28th | 2020

Þorbjörn inflates and achieves yellow warning level

Grindavík and the Blue Lagoon, one of the most popular attractions near Reykjavík, have been at risk of a volcanic eruption for a few days »

December 11 | 2019

When a dream starts to come true

Somehow the end of an Iceland trip always comes faster than I wanted. I hardly felt that I was sitting on the plane back home. In September 2019 my thoughts circled »

Gabríel Olfas absent minded
October 10 | 2019

Gabríel Ólafs
Absent minded

On a gray rainy day sitting by the window with a hot drink and a few biscuits to dream about the next Icelandic holiday, then this music just fits perfectly »

Isländische Wolle kaufen in Álafoss
September 30 | 2019

Some tips for buying wool in Álafoss

Just 15 minutes drive from Reykjavik north to Mosfellsbær. At Álafoss, knit enthusiasts will find everything their heart desires »