Update 01.02.2020:

The earthquake swarm under Grindavík continues to have an effect. On January 31, 2020 there will be smaller quakes every 15-20 minutes. The strongest was late at 9:45:46 p.m. with a value of 3.4 and at 10:22:21 p.m. with 4.0.

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Þorbjörn bloats

Yesterday evening (January 27th, 2020) there was another 3.1 magnitude earthquake about 5.6 km from Grindavík at 18:53:34. Like the last few weeks, the earth around the place did not come to rest today. One quake followed the next. Approximately On January 27, 1000 residents were informed of any necessary evacuation measures at a public community meeting at 4 p.m. in Grindavík.

Earthquakealert  last night 27.1.2020, 18:53:34
Email last night 27.1.2020, 18:53:34
Strong earthquake activity around Grindavík and the Blue Lagoon
Strong earthquake activity around Grindavík and the Blue Lagoon

A 45 km long and 5-15 km wide volcanic system runs through the Reykjanes peninsula. The last activity was almost 800 years ago between 1210 and 1240 AD. Inevitably, there is seismic and geothermal activity at every nook and cranny. A popular destination for this reason is Seltún, just a few kilometers away (Blog: Seltún - Hotspot between the tectonic plates ). The Svartsengi geothermal power plant is also located here. The famous 'by-product' of the power plant is the Blue Lagoon. This was created, rather unintentionally, by passing on the water that is no longer required by industry to the neighboring lava field. Over time it got muddy and started to form a lagoon. Today the Blue Lagoon is a world-famous bathing and wellness facility, for which you may have to reserve weeks in advance.

It is precisely this lagoon and Grindavík that are now threatened by geological changes and seismic activities. To the west of the Thorbjorn mountain, the earth swells unusually quickly at around 3-4 mm per day. GPS measurements and the InSAR images already show an increase of 2 cm. Experts suspected that this is also due to an accumulation of magma at a depth of only a few kilometers. Civil protection has already announced the VONA warning level ('Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation') 'yellow'.

Grindavík and Blue Lagoon - threatened by volcanic eruption
Grindavík and Blue Lagoon - threatened by volcanic eruption

The increased activity has only occurred for a week. At the current time, it is unpredictable whether it will develop into a serious danger or simply stop quietly. Experts believe that if there is an outbreak at all, it will most likely be slow-flowing lava. In this scenario, residents would have enough time to leave the area. A much more dangerous, explosive outbreak is not currently expected. Here again the links with information about the current state of affairs and possible precautionary measures.

Þorbjörn Grindavíkurvegur, Island 63°51'35.3"N 22°25'53.3"W