Special gift ideas for Icelandic fans
Not just for Christmas...


gift idea xmas: 6 'sensual' gift ideas for Icelandic lovers

Only a few weeks until Christmas. The days are getting colder and shorter, so one can slowly accept the prevailing Christmas decorations in stores since September. Maybe one or the other is already looking for suitable Christmas presents. Which sometimes - at least for me - is a very nice challenge. What do you give someone who already seems to have everything? Maybe something for his 'favorite sense'?

gift idea xmas: design an individuel Reykjavík city map poster

N° 1 - Sight

One of my favorite places in the world is Reykjavík. I recently discovered a page where you can design a poster of any location worldwide in just a few steps. Immediately after experimenting a bit with the existing color styles and captions, a personal 'favorite picture' develops. For me, it was the Reykjavík Poster nautical style with a Panetone caption, which fits perfectly with my interior design style.

gift idea xmas: gabriel-olafs-absent-minded

N° 2 - Hearing

If the days are short and the nights long, you can just perfect this music. The composer of this musical pleasure is 20-year-old Gabríel Ólafs. Inspired by everyday life, he created beautiful melodies to dream and relax. More information about Gabríel Ólafs and a playlist of his songs can be found in an older blog. If you like the tunes as much as you do, 'absent minded' can treat yourself and / or give it away .

gift idea xmas: Book Heiða A Shepherd at the Edge of the World Source: boksala.is

N° 3 - Sight, Touch

The captivating story of Heiðas, who at the age of 23, is giving up her successful modeling career in southern Iceland to take over her parents' farm with 500 sheep, two dogs, cats, chickens and a goat. The story is based on Heiða's successful fight against the construction of a reservoir that would flood the grazing grounds of her sheep. A book for people like Heiða , who live in and with nature and take their lives independently against resistance in their own hands.

gift idea xmas: black (refrigerator) magnets Icelandic motifs

N° 4 - Touch

Tip number 4 are 4 black (refrigerator) magnets, each in the size 4x4 cm. No matter if it is the Icelandic motto: Þetta reddast! or Rekjavik in different variations. These parts do not only keep my place of work functional, but also create a good mood with their different motifs. A similar set of four is also available in Icelandic terms or a set of 2 on the theme of Christmas.

gift idea xmas: Woman at War movie Source: Slot Machine

N° 5 - Sight, Touch

The movie 'Woman at War' (official website), which started in Europe in mid-December 2018, has to be loved as an Icelandic fan. Alone the great landscape shots make the movie worth seeing. The hidden ambiguities such as the title or the run length of 101 minutes (zip code of Reykjavik) will drive you immediately a smile into the face. Full of bizarre, funny scenes and twists, the film is not only exciting, but also packs the quite problematic background of aluminum production in Iceland into a highlight of Icelandic cinema. A movie to give away and shut down in the bustle of (Christmas) days.

gift idea xmas: Sirius Rjomasukkuladi Chocolate Iceland

N° 6 - Taste

Chocolate does not ask, chocolate understands. Especially if she tastes like Iceland and vacation. A popular souvenir is the Icelandic Rjomasukkuladi of Sirius. Usually she's off in no time at all, and no more crumbs to find. Fortunately, you get them - in a slightly different packaging - over the Internet such as the typical Icelandic, for us unusual flavors like caramel & sea salt or salt liquorice & sea salt