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Gabríel Ólafs Absent minded

Oktober 10, 2019

Gabríel Ólafs Absent minded

When the days get shorter, sitting by the window on a gray rainy day with a cup of tea or coffee and a few biscuits to dream of the next Icelandic vacation, then this music just fits perfectly. Calm, relaxing, soulful it carries the thoughts away from everydays life to the new or past

This music enjoyment is due to a young Icelander. The 20- year-old Gabríel Ólafs has been playing the piano since he was 5 years old. He had already composed the basic melody of the title song 'Absent minded' at the age of 14 and refined it further over the last 6 years.

The story behind the melodies

Often small stories hide behind the melodies. Gabríel tells in an interview with the Berlin radio station Radio 1 that 'Staircase sonata' (the 4th track in the playlist) was written on a really stormy day. If an Icelander speaks of a 'really bad storm', one can assume that the weather was almost an end to the world.At that time Gabriel's studio was on the ground floor of a house and was flooded by the water masses of the storm. All equipment and especially his beloved piano stood in a huge pool of water. When the fire department came, it pulled the piano out of the water and put it in the staircase. Gabríel sat down, started playing and was inspired by the beautiful reverb the music created within in the staircase. That was the hour of birth of 'Staircase Sonata'.

Watch music video of von Gabríel Ólafs on youtube

Published: 30.August 2019 | Label: One Little Indian Records

If you like the CD as much as I do or who might be looking for a gift idea for an Icelandic fan, you can get Absent Minded or Absent Minded Reworks here.